Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching for Healthcare Executives & Physicians

During the careers of many healthcare executives and physicians, success is rewarded with promotions and new job opportunities that take them out of their familiar environments and require them to adapt to new situations and develop new leadership skills. In such cases, it is not uncommon for them to realize the competencies needed to be successful in these new positions are often different than those that were required in their previous positions.

When the "tried and true" leadership strategies and competencies fail, an executive or physician may struggle in making a successful transition. This is the time when healthcare coaching is of significant value. M.A. Ponti & Associates helps unlock leadership skills and enable leadership development through an ongoing professional collaboration and guidance.

During the coaching process, the client gains awareness of her/himself; leverages strengths; understands the impact he/she has on others; creates new alliances with his/her manager, peers, and subordinates; feels more comfortable collecting and reflecting on feedback; applies new behaviors to see results in very specific, business situations; and transfers coaching skills to subordinates. Periodic progress reports are provided to the appropriate stakeholders.